Territory Cloral
Residence Faar, Cloral
Status Council of Faar leader
Behind the scenes
First appeared The Lost City of Faar
Last appeared The Lost City of Faar

"You are wise, young Pendragon. You have taught an old man to see more clearly."

-Abador to Bobby Pendragon

Abador was the senior to the Council of Faar. He was well-respected by the councilmen and women and often had his plans put into action. When he ordered the evacuation, the Council of Faar remained debating about what they should do. When the Faarian Dome, which protected the city, was destroyed by Zy Roder, the disguise of Saint Dane, Abador suggested that they transpire, or return to the surface of Cloral. However, the weight of the water crushed the marble ceiling above him, killing him before he could witness the transpiration.

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