Alexander Naymeer

Alexander Naymeer was the founder of Ravinia and the ultimate Traveler from Second Earth.

Early lifeEdit

Naymeer first lived in the town of Redhill in London, England. He was found on the doorstep in a local hospital, and contracted a fatal sickness at age seven. Naymeer was named after Alexander the Great, the conquering Greek general, and appeared at around the same time Mark and Courtney visited First Earth in Raven Rise. He was introduced to Saint Dane's plan after Nevva Winter, in the form of a raven, came to him in the middle of the night and helped him recover.


Naymeer grew up with mysterious ideas and notions, which were dismissed as his untamed imagination at an early age. He later became a popular leader, and founded a movement known as Ravinia. Naymeer revealed The Convergence as his own invention, and created a five-pointed star as its symbol. He planned the Bronx Massacre, in which he would suck thousands of revolutionaries into the flume in New York City.

Alexander Naymeer was the founder of Ravinia. His first appearance in book 8, were he is described as a very sick boy who the doctors did not think would make it. Nevva Winter  came to him in the middle of the night as a raven and helped him to recover. He later revealed the Convergence as his own invention, which had a 5 pointed yellow star as its sign, which resembled the star on the flumes greatly. After creating the flume at the Bronx Massacre, he took Bobby up into his helicopter with Saint Dane and Nevva there as well. After Naymeer's stating that it looked funny to see all the people get sucked into the flume, Bobby snapped, remembering all the things that had recently taken place (most of all, the death of Alder). Bobby grabbed Naymeer in a rage and took him to the door of the helicopter where he asked him if the death of thousands was what his Utopia was. Finally, Bobby dropped Naymeer off the helicopter into the massive flume, ending the life of the founder of Ravinia.

Trivia Edit

  • The way D.J. MacHale came up with the name Naymeer was when he used "name here" in place of real name when writing the first draft of the book.

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