This article is about the city. For the book, see Black Water.

Black Water was a city in Eelong. In Black Water, it was the dream destination for abused gars.


Black Water was situated in a hidden valley, with seven waterfalls. The entrance to the valley is through a narrow, winding mountain pass. When the sunbelt reaches a certain angle, a shadow is cast on the second waterfall to the right, and there Black Water was situated. The town probably got its name from this unique phenomenon.


It was told that some time ago, a klee got angry with a gar and beat it. The gar fought back and killed the klee. He was captured and put into prison, but he escaped with a few others. They wanted to build a place entirely free from klees, and built Black Water. They evolved and became intelligent, and discovered new technology.


The intelligent gars that escaped, evolved planned to rescue the other gars who were treated like slaves and animals. Central to the technology was Link, a radio technology developed by the Black Water gars, and virloam. They planned on rescueing their brethren, and clothing them, educating them, and feeding them. The turning point of the territory was the advent, and Saint Dane planned to destroy the territory by poisoning Black Water.


Black Water gars were more civilized than the gars on the outside, and therefore lived better. They lived in small huts, with front gardens that were watered by irrigation systems. They could attend plays in the center, and they had teachers and farmers. Such advancements included the virloam, artificial soil that helped with farming, the radio-like technology called Link, and an advanced sprinkler system.