Bobby Pendragon
Bobby Pendragon
Territory Second Earth
Alias(es) Pendragon
Residence Stony Brook, Conneticuit, Second Earth
Family Press Tilton
Mr. Pendragon
Mrs. Pendragon
Shannon Pendragon
Marley (pet dog)
Status Traveler
Predecessor Press Tilton
Behind the scenes
First appeared The Merchant of Death
Last appeared The Soldiers of Halla

"And more importantly, why me?"
—Bobby Pendragon on becoming a Traveler

Robert "Bobby" Pendragon is the Last Generation Traveler of Second Earth. He is also the Lead Traveler, as discovered in The Reality Bug. With the help of the other Travelers, he fought Saint Dane on the territories of Denduron, Cloral, First Earth, Veelox, Eelong, Zadaa, Quillan, Ibara, Second Earth, and Third Earth.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Persuasion, Rebirth, Fast regeneration


The Reality BugEdit

Bobby arrives with Gunny on Veelox to find Saint Dane claiming Veelox was doomed. Gunny and Bobby split up, Gunny goes to Eelong and Bobby stays at Veelox. Upon learning about, and experiencing the dangers of Lifelight and its huge grasp on the territory, Bobby and Aja test the Reality Bug, a program designed to make Lifelight less than perfect, only to find out that it infects all of Veelox. Lifelight is suspended as Bobby and Loor find Dr. Zetlin in his own fantasy. The Reality Bug breaks into the jump and feeds off of the fear of every "jumper" in Veelox. It eventually manages to break into reality, but Dr. Zetlin shuts down Lifelight altogether. However, Saint Dane, disguised as one of the Directors of Lifelight, authorizes the use of Lifelight once again. The territory reverts to being slaves to their own fantasies, and Bobby has his first loss to Saint Dane on Veelox.

Black WaterEdit

Bobby finds himself on the territory Eelong, largely covered with jungle. A cat-like species known as the Klee dominates Eelong, treating the humans (gars) like animals. Bobby learns the worst of this cruelty when he is thrown into a gar "prison" for a month with other gars with nothing but rotten fruit to eat. Kasha and Boon rescue him, but not after completely changing his perspective on how the Klee treat the gars.

The Rivers of ZadaaEdit

In this book, Bobby flumes to Zadaa to find that the Batu and Rokador tribes are on the verge of civil war. Water shortage between the two tribes has caused the war. Bobby then finds Loor locked in a battle for clubs. Bobby notices a strange figure at the battle arena and thinks its Saint Dane. Soon enough, he does find Saint Dane, threatens and provokes him and gets a beating. Saint Dane almost kills Bobby, if Pelle a Zinj had not arrived. Bobby realises that he must train in order to protect himself. Alder is also called, and he, Loor and Saangi train him. After his training, he encounters Loor's childhood friend Bokka, who tells them that the underground is a nightmare. He gives them a map, but gets killed. Loor and Bobby travel and find an ocean in the city of Kidik. Soon, they try to bring back the rivers, mess up, escape and eventually bring the ocean to the surface. There is finally peace.

The Quillan GamesEdit

Bobby was forced to play in the Quillan Games as Challenger Red, which he later discovered was due to Nevva Winter. At first, the owners of the Quillan Games, Veego and LaBerge, were unconvinced of his ability, but after his training on Zadaa and performance in games of Hook and Tock, forced Bobby to compete in the Grand X, a tournament between the two top competitors. Bobby participated in the Grand X to gain support for the "revival" of Quillan to break free from Blok, and to learn from Saint Dane the true nature of the Travelers, but he lost the territory to Saint Dane, who was disguised as Challenger Green, because Saint Dane, with the help of Nevva Winter, destroyed Mr. Pop which was a library containing all the Quillan history that was not destroyed by Blok.

The Pilgrims of RayneEdit

Bobby Pendragon goes to Ibara (after a brief visit to Third and First Earth with Courtney Chetwynde). Shortly after arriving on the territory, Bobby is attacked by quig bees. He attempts to escape, but passes out due to his many stings. Some fishermen save him, and bring him to the healer Telleo.

Telleo nurses Bobby back to health but before he can fully heal, the security force demands that Bobby goes before the tribunal. Bobby is confused that he is being treated like a prisoner even though he did not do anything wrong. When he asks what his crime was, the security guards tell him he is an "outsider." Bobby is brought before the tribunal. Bobby fakes amnesia to avoid execution and says that the only thing he can remember is the name "Remudi." The tribunal decided not to execute him but to have a boy named Siry look after him, and after hearing his name, and seeing his traveler ring, discovers that Siry is the new traveler of Ibara. She is good at this! Bobby is introduced to the "gang" of Siry, the Jakills.

They tell him of their plan to steal one of the pilgrim ships to travel to an island they found on a map. when they get there, Bobby realizes that it is Rubic City from Veelox, and that the territory Ibara is 300 years in the future of the territory Veelox. He later helps lead the villagers of Rayne in a battle against an army of dados to protect Ibara. Tiring of his constant battle against Saint Dane, Bobby decides to bury the flume at Ibara, therefby apparently sealing both him and Saint Dane on the territory.

Raven RiseEdit

Following the events of The Pilgrims of Rayne, Bobby is living a peaceful life on Ibara, aloof of the turmoil waging in the rest of Halla as the Milago-Bedoowan declare war on the rest of Denduron, and on the Earth territories his place as the Traveler is taken over by Alexander Naymeer. He remains ignorant of what is happenning till the arrival of Loque on Ibara, from whom he learned that Saint Dane was "ming something called... Flume." He was also dealt another shock by uncovering that Telleo was actually Nevva Winter.

He traveled to Veelox, where he followed Saint Dane through the Flume. He arrived on Denduron, where he helped his fellow traveler, Alder, escape the clutches of the now-warlike Milago-Bedoowan. He eventually finds his way back to Second Earth and meets with his friends. With the aid of Patrick, who is here to amend the apocalyptic earth of the future, they trace the event called "The Bronx Massacre".

They discover that it an insideous scheme by Saint Dane to send the anti-Ravinians all over Halla to cause the beginning of the end. With the deaths of Alder and Patrick, and Bobby's failure to stop the massacre, he is gloated by Saint Dane into letting Naymeer die, thereby sealing the fate of Halla, and his own demise. However, he is brought to the place known as Solara, and reunited with his Traveler allies, including the up-till-now deceased Uncle Press.

The Soldiers of HallaEdit

Bobby returns from Solara, and with the help of those exiled from Earth, destroys Saint Dane once and for all. He then proceeds to relive the life he never had, growing old along with his spouse, Courtney Chetwynde. He is then visited by a still young Uncle Press who gives him his own Journals to recall his life as a Traveler.

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