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The Cloral Poison was the name given to a powerful fertilizer created by the agronomers of Cloral. The fertilizer made plants grow seven times as fast and yield twice as much fruit, but it was not properly tested before being put into widespread use. It was later discovered that the fertilizer mutated the genetic structure of plants feeding off of it, and turned them poisonous.


Anyone who ate crops grown in the fertilizer would initially show no signs of illness. However, a few minutes after ingestion, infected people suffered sudden death. Additionally, people who came into direct contact with the fertilizer immediately died. A green liquid would trickle from the mouths of the recently deceased and crust around the corners of their lips.


The legendary city of Faar soon learned of this and began to investegate the mutated crops and found out that it was simple to reverse the damage. The cell structure was changed but the Faarians created a new fertilizer to reverse the mutated crops. However, just as the people of Faar launched their first hauler, Zy Roder/Saint Dane came in their submarine and fired some underwater missiles and blocked the way out. Later, the whole city of Faar was underwater. Bobby decided to do the "transfer" that Abador had failed on. Soon the whole city of Faar was on top of the water and the Faarians were able to fix the door to treat the mutated crops.