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Courtney as seen in the Penragon Graphic novel.

"Courtney might have hated dresses, but dresses sure didn't hate Courtney. She looked great."

-Bobby Pendragon commenting on Courtney's beauty

Courtney Chetwynde was one of Bobby's Acolytes on Second Earth. she is Bobby's girlfriend in the books before book six, and after the war she married him. She is said to have gained a lot of experience after five years of fighting Ravinia and the klees. She has long brown hair and gray eyes, with her hair eventually fading to silver with streaks of amber. In many of the books it is shown that Courtney is somewhat similar to Bobby Pendragon. Some examples are how they seem to intimidate many people on Second Earth and are good in sports. This is what leads to how they develop a crush on each other. She is the leader of the exiles on Eelong in the tenth book and commands the defence of Black Water. She handled Bobby's Quillan journals. Originally, Mark Dimond should be the one handling these for the ring Osa gave him was for him to use. But after Mark's parents died, traveler Nevva Winter told Mark Dimond to represent his Forge technology on First Earth. This was Courtney's second mission after destroying the flume on Eelong. That mission was to find Mark. She and Bobby went to Third Earth, and found out that Mark would be shot on the Queen Mary, a boat going to London with Forge, and later found out that she would be the one that was supposed to shoot him in order to stop him from bringing it, an action that Saint Dane had intended her to do. She likes the number π.

  • She also had a crush on Whitney Wilcox who later is Saint Dane in 'Rivers of Zadaa' (Book 6). He tries to kill her, injuring her but eventually healing her.