Denduron is a primitive Territory that has three suns. Compared to Second Earth, Denduron would be set in the Middle Ages. The first turning point was when Saint Dane showed tak to the Milago in the form of Figgis. Before Saint Dane corrupted the territory, the Bedoowan provided protection to the Milago in exchange for a share of the blue jewels the Milago mine. Bobby had first beaten Saint Dane on Denduron however in Raven Rise Denduron is lost by the Travelers. This is found out by Alder when he returns to Denduron at the beginning of Raven Rise.

Alder is the Traveler from Denduron. He is a Bedoowan knight that sympathizes with the Milago for the hideous way they are treated by his people.

The Teritory Era is 124, which makes Denduron the youngest (or oldest) Territory.

There are six major Tribes, the Bedoowan, the Gallavao, the Milago, the Novan, the Revenian, and the Toom.

Of Denduron's fifteen continents, on three are inhabited: Bedoo, home of the Bedoowan; Nodd; and Galla. The remaining twelve are frigid, a harsh compliment to the temperate climate of the others.

On Nodd, Mount Orloo resides at a towering 29,112 feet, taller than Everest on the Earths, and thrice that of the mountain range near the Milago village.

The currency on Denduron are Quills, one Quill is worth $3.

One Marr is about one hour.

The Feast of Noab is much like Thanksgiving, a Milago holiday to celibrate the harvest. Runnow Taa, the Bedoowan festival of music. The Novans have Kukura to rejoice the creation of the stars.