Summary Edit

Gloid is a processed food product exclusive to Veelox. Bobby Pendragon describes gloid as a thick, brightly-colored liquid similar to pudding in texture. Extremely dense in nutrients, a small serving of gloid can satisfy someone's hunger completely.

Created initially to provide sustenance to jumpers while in Lifelight, gloid was engineered for absorption through the skin. However, gloid has become an important staple food for everyone. Since the majority of Veelox's residents are in Lifelight, there are almost no farmers to grow natural food for those who wish to remain in reality.

Types Edit

Several types of gloid are produced, including: orange, green, blue, and a tri-color mixture of the three (think sherbert). Bobby commentates that the orange type is bitter and has a nutty taste, but is overall pleasant. Green gloid tastes sweet and tart like berries. In contrast, blue gloid supposedly tastes like a revolting mixture of kitty litter and brussels sprouts.

Trivia Edit

Advertising in Rubic City mentions New Gloid, Taste Sensation Gloid, and Gloid Plus. It is unclear what relation these types are to the three sampled by Bobby while staying with Aja and Evangeline.

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