Jim Hirsch
Territory Second Earth
Alias(es) Captain Hirsch
Chief Hirsch
Residence Stony Brook, CT
Status Police chief
Ravinia member
Behind the scenes
First appeared The Merchant of Death
Last appeared Raven Rise

Jim Hirsch was a member of Ravinia and a police officer in the Stony Brook Police Force.


The Merchant of DeathEdit

Hirsch made his first appearance in the The Merchant of Death as a police captain. He interrogated Mark Dimond and Courtney Chetwynde about the disappearance of Bobby Pendragon and his family. Hirsch also investigated the case with Sergeant D'Angelo. He was employed near the Stony Brook Avenue.

The Lost City of FaarEdit

Hirsch appeared in The Lost City of Faar after Saint Dane, in the form of Andy Mitchell, stole Bobby's journals and attempted to leak them to the public. Mitchell handed them to Hirsch, who believed that they were fictional stories.

Raven RiseEdit

Hirsch last appeared in Raven Rise, and was revealed to have joined Ravinia. His investigation reestablished, Hirsch and his men tried to arrest both Bobby and Alder. However, the two Travelers managed to escape. He was promoted to Chief after joining Alexander Naymeer as well.

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