The Jakills are a group of rebellious teenagers who, though they are all citizens of Rayne, rebuke and defy the Tribunal. Led by the Traveler Siry Remudi, the Jakills disobey the authorities because they suspect, correctly so, that the Tribunal is hiding the truth about the past. However, even though there is a mutual animosity between the Jakills and the Tribunal, they are not enemies, as is shown when the Jakills defend the Tribunal from a flighter attack. However, the Jakills go on to steal one of the Pilgrim Ships to escape Ibara and explore. Unfortunately, they find Rubic City, the 'nest' of the flighters. The flighters burn the boat and kill most of the Jakills. Only six of them survive (Pendragon among them).

Though there were at most fifteen Jakills, only three became known: Siry, Loque, and Twig.

The Jakills are named for Aja Killian, as Ibara is the future territory of Veelox, Aja's home territory.

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