Territory Veelox
Residence Rune, Quillan
Family Veego
Status Quillan Games co-host
Lifelight phader
Behind the scenes
First appeared The Quillan Games
Last appeared The Quillan Games

"LaBerge is my name, though I'm sure you already know that. Everyone does, of course."

LaBerge was the co-host and game master of the Quillan Games. He helped Blok run the games with his sister and business partner, Veego. LaBerge was formerly a Lifelight phader on Veelox, and worked under the supervision of Aja Killian. He came to Quillan after Saint Dane, under the disguise of Mr. Kayto, gave him the offer of hosting the games. LaBerge is described as bubbly, middle-aged man with wild blond hair, and his personality is distinct of Veego. He likes clowns, hence the game Clown Forest, and enjoys eating a carrot-like vegetable known as tribbun.