Lifelight was a powerful virtual-reality supercomputer which existed on territory of Veelox, invented by Dr. Zetlin. It allowed people to "jump" into an ideal fantasy world. Though it brought great happiness to the people of Veelox, the temptation of Lifelight proved so great that everyone abandoned reality in favor of their fantasies, allowing the territory to crumble.


  • Lifelight is very similar to The Matrix from "The Matrix" franchise in several ways:
    • A large majority of the world's population is hooked up to it
    • They are both virtual reality machines
    • It is preferred by many to the harshness of reality (see "Cypher" on Wikipedia)
    • It nearly brought the downfall of a worldwide population

However, there are some differenes:

  • Lifelight was created for human satisfaction, while The Matrix was created by robots to keep the human population under control
  • While you could leave Lifelight at any time, you had to be given a red pill from "unplugged" humans to leave The Matrix.
  • Lifelight can be limitedly manipulated by anyone, but only Neo was able to control The Matrix, and to no limit at that.
  • Lifelight is a perfect artificial reality that people are aware isn't real (to an extent) while The Matrix has glitches that signal something is up to the well-trained eye.
  • Lifelight gave you the perfect life, but The Matrix mimicked "real" reality.