Loque was the acolyte for Ibara. He was first seen when he stole a woman's belongings on the street along with Siry Remudi. He was described as having blond hair. He is killed when the Flighters fire through a window. The falling glass lands on him and Pendragon and Siry presume him to be dead. He later washes up on a beach of Ibara, where Pendragon spots him and gets help. He then delivers the message to Bobby "They're coming." When he woke up two to three days later he demanded to talk to Bobby. Bobby asks who "They" are. Loque respondes "The Flighters."He tells Bobby what happened and how he was kidnapped by the "flighters" and was forced to work in a mine for St. Dane. He survived enough for them to put him in the mine. Later, he overhears two Flighters talking about what they were looking, a mineral. A mineral called Flume (sound familiar.) He and three others attempt an escape. They show him where they keep skimmers from Cloral. Two went into each boat as Flighters started to arrive. At first Loque thought they would try to recapture him and the others, but was proven wrong when they shot a cannon that blew up one boat. Soon after they shot the other person in his boat, making him the only one that survived. Before that he had talked to Saint Dane. He described him as a cold, evil, cruel, greedy man. He is also blind in one eye and cant see shapes and light in the other. This is the reason he wishes he didn't look up when the stain-glass window was destroyed by a cannon, and why he couldn't visually describe Saint Dane.He was supposedly killed by Nevva Winter while she was supposed to be looking over him as Tello after Bobby leaves to find the flume. He is then never mentioned in the series again, thus meaning he isn't very important after his message. Loque will always remain a voice of reason and a hero to the Jakill's as well as their second in command, while to Siry, he will remain the best friend he has.