"C'mon, Bobby, breakfast is getting cold!"

-Mr. Pendragon to his son, Bobby Pendragon

Mr. Pendragon is the husband of Mrs. Pendragon and the brother in law of Press Tilton. He and Mrs. Pendragon had two children-their oldest child, a son named Robert Pendragon and their youngest child, a daughter, named Shannon Pendragon. Mr. Pendragon is a reporter for the Stony Brook newspaper, and he reveals in The Reality Bug that he may not be the most creative of all writers, saying that he was having trouble finding the inspiration he needed to write it. He, along with the rest of his family, disappeared when Bobby left. Captain Hirsch says that he often watched ballgames with the Pendragons after they vanished. This most likely suggests that Bobby gets his athletic enjoyment and/or talent from his father, Mr. Pendragon.

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