"Hindenburg, zeppelin, early 20th century. Hindenburg disaster."

-Patrick Mac using the advanced computerized hologram system at the library on Third Earth

The New York Public Library is located in Manhattan. Bobby Pendragon has been to it on Second Earth and described it as having arches and columns, similar to a Roman structure.

He, Gunny, and Patrick Mac go there on Third Earth to research the Hindenburg disaster. It is said to look the same on Third Earth on the outside, but the interior of the library is lacking books.

There is one under a glass case in the lobby. The book is, to Bobby's humored surprise, Green Eggs and Ham. Rather than books, the library has multiple rooms which Patrick describes as "super deluxe".

The rooms have anywhere from two to ten chairs, and one chair controls the silver, eight-foot-long platform that stands before the chairs. The controller presses a glowing white button and speaks clearly what they wish to search.

A hologram then appears of what has been searched.

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