With extra tools come extra responsibilities.

Rules for all staff membersEdit

  • Do not abuse your tools.
  • Do not ignore rule breakers or your duties.
  • You are not immune from the standard rules.
  • Do not block other admins.
  • DO let off a warning.
  • DO respect everyone.
  • DO ask for a second opinion, if applicable.

Work and ResponsibilitiesEdit

  • You are expected to carry out maintenance, such as updating technical pages, fixing broken templates and redirects, and categorizing pages.

Guide on granting and removing sysop accessEdit

  • You may take a break up to three months long, as long as you clear it with a bureaucrat.
  • If you are absent without excuse for two months and can not be contacted, your sysop tools will be reduced to rollback tools.
  • If you break a rule, your tools will be revoked.
  • Your tools will also be revoked after consistent and repeated poor judgement.
  • Sysop access can be granted by a bureaucrat to a user who shows promise and drive, and understands how to use sysop tools and his or her responsibilities.

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