This is PendragonPedia's rule list and behavior guide. The rules are ranked by importance. Level one includes the worst rules to be broken, and rules with larger numbers don't have as severe consequences. An administrator will warn you of your possible block time when you break a rule. However, if we believe you mean well, we will take extra measures to keep you around!

Level 1Edit

  • Vandalism
    • Vandalism is the defacement of a page or an article for personal amusement. This has no place on a wiki other than to destroy the work of others.

Level 2Edit

  • Plagiarism
    • Plagiarism on a wiki is any violation of Wikia Licensing. You must cite your sources if applicable.
  • Harassment, Insults, and Threats
    • Harassment is the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one person, including threats and demands, sent to another person. Treat others how you wish to be treated.

Level 3Edit

  • Bad edits, Spam, and Advertising
    • Please follow the Style Guide. It keeps the wiki in tip-top shape. This does not carry harsh punishment, but must be mentioned.
    • Editing here is fun, but in order to keep it fun it needs to be tidy. Please do not add irrelevant information or spam to any page. You will be warned, and removed if this behavior continues.

Level 4Edit

  • Category Abuse
    • Pages must be placed in the correct categories. An admin will warn you when you don't categorize correctly, and will direct you in the correct way.

Level 5Edit

  • Sock-puppetry
    • You don't need more than one account on this wiki. If you are found to use more than one account often, you will be asked what your main account is and others will be blocked.

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