"We were supposed to scare 'em, not splatter 'em."

-Peter Nelson on attempting to kill Bobby Pendragon and Vo Spader

Peter Nelson, dubbed the Nervous Gangster, was a man working for Winn Farrow in The Never War. Saint Dane sent him to the flume on First Earth to fire bullets into the flume as a warning to Press, Bobby, and Spader, who were on the receiving end. However, the bullets from the guns killed Press Tilton. When Spader and Pendragon flumed to First Earth, they attempted to kill them by making them stand in front of an oncoming subway, but they escaped. Bobby calls him nervous because he is very hesitant about killing. &nbsp

It is unknown what the man did for a few weeks, but he made another appearance trying to kill Max Rose. Bobby Pendragon and Vo Spader foiled his plans again. The man later revealed himself to be Peter Nelson, and his partner, the Bold Gangster, to be named Tony.

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