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Quigs are the guardians of the flumes, attacking anyone who attempts to enter them, including Travelers. They are under the control of Saint Dane, and only appear in territories where he is present. They take different forms, always of creatures local to the territory.


Quigs pendragon by carsonhawkes-d3a9bas

Quig Bears!!! From Denduron

Quigs take different appearances depending on the territory they are on. No one knows what quigs really look like, or if they even have a "true" appearance. The only resemblance between the quigs on different territories are their eyes. They all have yellow eyes. On Denduron, they appear as large, spiked beasts, akin to bears. On Cloral, they appear as massive sharks. On Second Earth, and the other Earths, they appear as feral dogs. Quigs are snakes on Zadaa, and gars (humans) on Eelong. It is assumed that quigs are spiders on Quillan, although because they are robotic, it is possible they are something else. Quigs take the shape of large, venomous bees on Ibara. No one knows what quigs look like on Veelox.

Quigs on different territories:

First Earth, Second Earth, and Third EarthEdit

  • Feral dogs


  • Snakes


  • Bears with a large spikes on their backs


  • Sharks

Veelox and IbaraEdit

  • The quigs on Veelox are unknown, but seeing that the quigs on Ibara are killer bees, it is possible that the quigs on Veelox are killer bees as well. Veelox is quig-free because, as Saint Dane had said, he was already done with the territory by the time Bobby arrived. In Before the War: Book Two, Aja has to fight a monkey-beast with yellow eyes in Nak's game, that might be Veelox's quig.


  • Mechanical Spiders


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