Ravinian star
Ravinia was a cult founded by Alexander Naymeer, and used by Saint Dane to achieve total control of Halla for 10 years. Ravinia was made of the elite of each world. All the people Saint Dane found weak, were killed or flumed to other territories, namely Eelong. Ravinia was destroyed by an attack on their Conclave, in which the Dado army was deactivated by its own people, the Ravinians. The Ravinians each wear a star tattoo on their arm. Ravinia was named after when Nevva Winter, in the form of a raven came to heal Alexander Naymeer, when she gave him Mark's traveler ring. Alexander Naymeer created Ravinia when he became the Traveler of Second Earth, upon Bobby Pendragon's resignition of being a Traveler.


In 1937 on First Earth at the age of seven, Alexander Naymeer miraculously recovered from an unknown mortal disases [was given by him by Saint-Dane], shortly after the recovery he see a raven and finds a black ring in his bed [It was Mark's ring]. He was adopted by a woman by the name of Nevva Winter. The boy quickly began contempling how uninteligent the masse are. Around the yage of eight, he started telling stories about the wonders of the others territories Halla. At first people dissmissed him as having a wild imination but latter showed them hologram-like images of the territories. This got the attention of the media and made people talking. At the age of nine he said the quote 'We must reward excelence and condemn those whose only contribution to society is to burden.' wich became famous after. His way of thinking was changed from the original timeline likely because of the "incompetence" of doctors to heal him and Nevva Winter. Latter, both he and his Nanny planned the creation of Ravinia. He latter would invest in the tech compagny Dimond Alpha Digital Organization, he would latter hold 50% of the share of it. As he was able to prove the existence of extra-terran world, Ravinia grew large quickly. Ravinia likely extended its influence using the traveler ring to influence people mind. Naymeer made a world tour to promote Ravinia, talking to the president of the United State, meeting with the Pope in Vatican City and Walking along the Great Wall of China. The presence of Dimond Alpha Digital Organization and FORGE technology in the new timeline likely remplacing existing technological compagnie such as Alphabet and Appple, wich Ravinia could control information. In the year 2008, on Second Earth, Ravinia seeked to obtain political power. A controlled opposition was created by Ravinia. Going by the name of The Foundation, it led to those who believed in non-ravinian ideologies that there was still hope. As social media and main stream media outlets were controlled to manipulate the public opinion on Ravinia, a vote to declare Ravinia would be soon be held by the United Nations. The Leader of Ravinia, Alexender Naymeer was shown that he did not hesitate to use murder as he threatened to murder Mark Dimond as an attempt to blackmail him to receive his share of Dimond Alpha Digital Organization but ultimately failed. As the controlled opposition led by Haig Gastigian [secretly Nevva Winter], non-ravinian were lured to the Bronx Stadium. Using his traveller ring, the now 78 year old Naymeer created a massive flume wich exiled the non-believers on the others territories of Halla. As hundred dissapeared, Ravinia held the world in hostagem however their beloved leader died following his fall after Bobby pushed him off the helicopter. The position of Leader of Ravinia was given to Eugene [Saint Dane]. Following the Bronx Massacre, the leader of some countries did not align with Ravinia. This broke the Mutual assured destruction pact; war broke out where Ravinia was fighting non-ravinian country. The war was never officially given a name but many simply called it World War Three. Nuclear waeaponry was used even Washington DC was nuked. Ravinia utimately won. MISSING INFORMATION



Alexander Naymeer has many Ravinia member who are called the Ravinians. Here are some known members of Ravinia:

  • Alexander Naymeer {founder}
  • Nevva Winter
  • Jim Hirsch
  • Richard {former}
  • Rellin
  • Mr. Chetwynde
  • Ms. Chetwynde


  • The pope (Naymeer had an audience with the pope; he seemed to agree with ravinian ideologies)
  • The president of the united state (same as above)
  • CNN executives (Ravinia was shown to be able to fully control the narative of CNN news reporting).
  • Head of Stony Brook police departement (Jim Hirsch got promoted when he joined Ravinia; this imply Ravinia had power over the police).

Life in Third Earth

On Third Earth, Ravinians live in their conclaves around the world. Their conclave are round-shaped and the only way to enter and exit is the train. Ravinians cannot see the sky due to the structure being closed. The interior itself look like a city with grey brick roads and relatively small houses. Their inhabitant don't have to work at all due to the presence of Dados. Their overall life seem to be peaceful but limited as they cannot quit the conclave under any pretext (with the exception of being in the military or tasked to monitoring the marginalized). Dados can also seemingly execute anyone that break the rules.


  • Despite having a pentagram as emblem, it seemingly didn't not spawn any controversy on Second Earth where people could have likely dissmissed it [Ravinia] as a satanist cult (religion and demons are mentionned throughout the serie, meaning it is likely exist in Pendragon's universe.)