This is an article on the "Reality Bug" virus. For the book, see The Reality Bug.

The Reality Bug was a computer program that Aja Killian made to make people's jumps less ideal, so they would leave Lifelight and revive Veelox. However, Saint Dane interfered with the software, and made sure that the virus became too effective. The Reality bug trapped jumpers in Lifelight and inflicted physical harm. Aja Killian suspended the grid to protect the jumpers, and, when Dr. Zetlin provided the Origin Code, she cleaned the string. However, the Reality Bug proved too powerful to be deleted and began to grow in power, feeding on jumps all over the territory. Soon, the Reality Bug assumed physical form in the Alpha Grid, and attacked Bobby, Loor, and Dr. Zetlin. They managed to escape the Barbican and end the jump, but the Reality Bug tore a hole in the software and escaped into the real world. As a last resort to stop the virus, Dr. Zetlin shut down Lifelight, and the sudden loss of data destroyed the Reality Bug.