Territory Eelong
Residence Leeandra, Eelong
Family Kasha
Status Traveler
Successor Kasha
Behind the scenes
First appeared Black Water
Last appeared The Soldiers of Halla

Seegen was the father of Kasha and the penultimate generation Traveler from Eelong. He was killed by the Cloral poison during the events of Black Water. Seegen helped build Leeandra, his home town, he fought tangs, and taught Kasha everything she knows. He had grey fur with leopard spots. In The Soldiers of Halla, Seegen is seen walking with Kasha on Solara.

Black Water

In Black Water, Seegen traveled to Second Earth to warn Bobby Pendragon that Saint Dane was planning to bring a poison to Eelong. After discovering that Pendragon was not there, he left the message with Mark and Courtney, his acolytes. Before he could finish his warning however, he died from the same poison he came to warn them about. It is learned that Saint Dane disguised as his acolyte Yorn gave him a piece of fruit laced with the poison. After his death Kasha, Bobby, Yorn, and Boon searched his house and found a letter that explained to Kasha her duties as a Traveler and a map to the city of Black Water.