"Gimme that ring."

-Tony to Bobby Pendragon, demanding Bobby's Traveler ring

Tony, dubbed the Bolt Gangster by Bobby, worked for Winn Farrow. He was associated with the murder of Press Tilton and the attempted double-murder of Bobby Pendragon and Vo Spader. He was the bravest of the two gangsters who confronted Bobby and Spader in the subway, and was also the apparent leader.

He demanded to have Bobby's Traveler ring for proof that they had found them. This was probably needed because of Winn Farrow's violent nature. He may have killed the two if they had no proof of the slaying.

The gangster was pushed off a balcony of the Manhattan Tower Hotel by Saint Dane, who was currently taking on the form of Esther Amaden. The gangster fell on a car and died.

Fellow gangsters probably disposed of his body with lack of respect. They might have burned it or dumped it in a nearby body of water.

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