Under the nightly supervision of the knight Mallos (Saint Dane), the Milago miners would bring a quota of glaze to be weighed against a Milago villager chosen the night before by Mallos. If the glaze mined that day weighed less than the villager, the Milago villager would be shoved down a deep mine-shaft in the center of the village. Mallos would chose a Milago villager at the end of each ceremony, but he was not above changing the subject, as Bobby witnesses during his first night in the village; the Milago were to mine enough glaze to weigh against a very thin Milago, but Mallos was not satisfied and called a large man to the platform. Although the miners had brought enough glaze to barely outweigh this man as well, Mallos claimed that one of the biggest glaze stones was not pure and removed it from the pile. It is during this ceremony that, while listening to the man's protests, Bobby's language translating abilities as a Traveler awakened.

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