The travelers can heal extraordinarily fast and save one another from death, like how Bobby saved Loor from death. Also during the events of The Soldiers of Halla the Travelers gained the ability to preform self-resurrection.


The travelers also have the power to somewhat steer people's thinking toward their advantage, but it is not full mind control.

Traveling through flumes

Travelers have the ability to travel through flumes,Mark Dimond and Courtney Chetwynde begin using flumes during the events of Black Water .

Traveling without the flumes

This ability was gained by the Travelers during the events of The Soldiers of Halla.


Travelers have been shown to understand any language as if it was their native tongue, with the exception of some words that have no equivalent in their language. They are also understood as easily as native speakers of the listener's language by others when speaking their own language (such as English for Bobby). At first Bobby is unable to understand the people of Denduron for some small amount of time when he first travels there in The Merchant of Death, but soon begins to understand them (and everyone else) perfectly, without any effort to use this power, for the rest for the series.


Travelers have the ability to transform into anyone or anything they want. This includes different people, and animals such as crows or ravens. It can also be used to transform into an animal from another territory, like a quig bear from Denduron. Not only this, but this power can be used to transform into a nonliving form, like smoke clouds. At first, only Saint Dane had this power, but in The Soldiers of Halla all the travelers gained this ability.