Wincel of Peldar
Territory Denduron
Alias(es) Master Wincel
Residence Bedoowan village
Status Traveler
Former Bedoowan training master
Predecessor Unknown
Behind the scenes
First appeared Before the War: Book Two
Last appeared The Soldiers of Halla

Wencil of Peldar was a the previous Traveler on Denduron and trainer of Alder. He appeared in Pendragon Before The War Book Two. He is an instructor in fencing, pikemanship, spear throwing, actic, strategy, grappling, and archery. His eye color is green, and his face is very thin. He walked with the support of an old walking stick, which he uses numerous times for combat. Wencil trained King Karel of the Bedoowan in swordfighting and was one of his great friends. Sadly, Wencil died from an illness on the night of Alder's knighting ceremony. There is a theory that Mallos, who was impersonated by Saint Dane, poisoned Wencil, knowing he was a Traveler and trying to prevent him from teaching another Traveler.